Actuated Metal Seated Diverter Ball Valve for Wood Fiber Handling

For many years KLINGER NBV 103F SR or SL diverter ball valves with Air Torque pneumatic actuator are used in the flow from the digester in MDF production. This valve was specially designed to handle wood pulp and steam and offers years of maintenance and trouble free service.


As Global Supplier of NBV Diverter Valves to the MDF industry KLINGER BV supplied these diverter valves to MDF manufacturers in Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Austria, UK, Ireland, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and many other countries. Of course Klinger also supplies NBV Diverter Valves to the main manufacturers of wood fiber digesters.


Klinger NBV diverter valveThe KLINGER NBV diverter valve 103F SR or SL is used to handle the flow of wood fiber and steam from the digester in MDF production. The 60° turn and the fast moving actuator enable rapid diversion of the flow. During the switch over the flow is not interrupted. The body of the valve is equipped with purge connections to enable steam cleaning.

KLINGER supplies the NBV diverter valve in stainless steel with metal seats with a Stellite face, the ball is protected against wear by a hard chrome plating. The special NBV seat / ball construction with a flat seat face and a perfectly spherical ball provides a perfect seal in combination with a low operating torque. The sturdy corrosion resistant actuator is made of aluminum, the body is hard anodized and protected by a wear and corrosion resistant PTFE coating.


The valve is provided with limit switches for indication of the flow direction mounted in an aluminum switch box and a pilot valve to control the air flow to the actuator.


For more information on NBV valves, spare parts and actuators, please download the brochure here or contact Mrs. Yvonne van der Wal ( Mr. Piet Grasmayer (

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